How do you know when the fear you feel inside is simply the fear of doing something new or when it’s your intuition saying it’s the wrong thing for you?

Today’s video deals with a really big question, one which many people struggle with.

When you’re scared of doing something, how do you know if it’s simply because you’re facing something new and challenging and therefore scary in a good way, or whether the fear and uneasiness you feel is your intuition telling you not to go there?

In the video I answer this question with two examples from my own life experience. It’s important to understand the difference, but like all things our greatest learning comes from experiencing something ourselves. It is only through experience that we can really ‘know’ something and understand how it is true for each of us.

After you’ve watched the video, look at back at the experiences you’ve had in your life and see if you can differentiate between the times when you’re intuition has told you ‘not to go there’ (and you either have or you haven’t!) and the times when it was saying ‘it’s ok to be scared, you only feel this way because it’s something new – so feel the fear and do it anyway!’

In the comments below I’d love to hear about your experiences on this subject. We can all learn from each other – we’re all a work in progress!

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Love Sue