When you are tuned in to your intuition, your inner guide, wonderful things do just tend ‘to happen’. In fact these things are happening for us all the time, but because we aren’t always paying attention, we think they aren’t. We’re usually so busy trying to ‘make’ things happen, that we often don’t relinquish ‘control’ long enough to ‘allow’ them to happen.

I had this email from Ruby yesterday, which demonstrates how wonderfully it can work:

“Hi Sue, I just had to share this with you! I’m having a magical day and feel very tuned into my intuition! Thanks to your fabulous Living an Intuitive Life course, I can recognise it and hopefully keep the magic going! I’ve been searching for a very specific antique piece of furniture for months. My friend just rang me to tell me he’s won two items of furniture in an auction and could he store them at my house until he can pick them up. One of the pieces is exactly what I’ve been looking for! Firstly, I didn’t know he went to auctions and secondly he didn’t know I was looking for this very specific piece of furniture!”

Isn’t that fabulous? Because Ruby is now consciously working with her intuition, she is constantly paying attention to her inner guide. If she hadn’t been, the above situation may not have worked out in quite the way it did… If she hadn’t been tapped in and turned on to her intuition, to her heart, she could quite easily have just picked up the phone, heard her friend say that he wanted to store two pieces of furniture at her house and had the immediate reaction that she absolutely didn’t want any more clutter in her house – particularly clutter belonging to other people!

This would be a typical ‘mind’ control reaction, one which many of us would have. In which case Ruby would never have discovered that a piece of the ‘clutter’ she didn’t want was something she had been searching for for a long time. And she would still be looking now…and would have missed this intuitive guidance…which is happening to all of us all the time if only we could be still long enough to see it.

When we are tuned in we do speak and act from the heart rather than the head. It happens naturally, because that is who we really are

Here is another example which happened to me yesterday. I was looking for someone’s business card. I keep all business cards in a small box. I took all the cards out of the box and riffled through them trying to find the relevant card without looking at each and every one and promptly dropped the whole lot on the floor…Damn! They were mostly face down as that was the way I dropped them. As I bent down to pick them up I saw the card I wanted face up under my chair…Thank you!

May magic happen for you today…stay tuned in! And if you have any friends that you think may be interested in living a magical intuitive life please send the link to www.womenhavevision.com, I’m sure they’ll thank you for it.

AND if you want something to help you be present and stay in the moment so you can hear your inner guide, the Moments of Bliss audio download will take you right to that place…

Lots of Love!