On the other side of that thing you are so afraid to say or do… is FREEDOM.

I know because I’ve been on both sides.

The difficult conversation.

The opportunity you’re afraid to take.

The story you’re afraid to share.

The toxic relationship you’re afraid to walk away from…

We are all SO good at persuading ourselves that where we are is “ok”.

“I’m fine! I’m really happy!” I used to say with a smile. But it wasn’t a real smile. Not a smile from my heart. And they were empty words…devoid of the ‘happy’ emotion I was professing to feel.

I was not being truthful to myself.

I told myself it wasn’t worth giving up what I had, for the scary “unknown” on the other side of that metaphorical door that was staring me in the face, willing me to walk through it…even though it meant Freedom.

The Freedom to be ME.

So for years I settled for what I had…

Which meant being stuck and unhappy, staying small, hiding my light, not doing what I really wanted and pretending life was ok.

I doubted myself, lacked confidence and felt as though I was never good enough …

Until one day… I said enough! I took that step I’d been scared to take and opened that metaphorical door and walked through it.

Yes it was very scary…. BUT….

What a blessed relief!!!! The feeling of freedom was indescribable.

Suddenly my smile was real! I could say “I’m so happy!” and mean it. I was no longer pretending.

And I had absolutely no idea how good that view would be on this side of the door… It’s truly amazing!

WHAT ARE YOU CHOOSING……Staying where you are or choosing change, freedom and living your dreams?


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