Knowing that you are not facing this challenge alone, and having someone on your journey to light the way ahead, guide you, believe in you and to encourage you, can be the one thing that you need to get you to the summit of your own Everest.

Before I climbed Everest, I was newly widowed and in a deep spiral of despair. I felt lost and alone, unable to see a way out of the dark tunnel I had found myself in. It never occurred to me that it would be useful to have someone who could guide me through the darkness to the light. Growing up, my experience of life had been that you battle through life’s challenges alone. You grit your teeth, bear it and don’t ask for help. My experience of Everest changed all that. 

I didn’t climb to the summit of Mount Everest alone; I had a coach, a guide, with me in the guise of Ang Nuru. He is someone who lives in the shadow of Mount Everest, who understands and respects the mountain and who knows, lives and breathes it. He possessed all the qualities of a perfect life coach; he not only showed me the way but, more importantly, he gave me the belief and encouragement to trust that I had the necessary qualities within me to fulfil my dream.

Ang Nuru at Everest Base Camp

We all need a sherpa in our lives, someone who believes in us when we doubt, who supports and encourages us when our will is weak. Just like a life coach, my sherpa recognised qualities in me that I didn’t see. He recognised me as someone who could reach the top, even though I couldn’t see it in myself. We can be 95% fit for a task but we are often afraid of taking the last few steps towards our goal, either because there is risk involved or we lack belief in ourselves. Having someone there with us to hold our hand and be there with us, helps us take that final step towards our dream because we are not doing it alone.

We still have to make all the moves and take the final steps to the summit ourselves, but having someone along on the journey gives us courage, someone who knows the goal can be achieved not only because they see it in us but because they have been there before us. They know that if they can do it, so can we because they know that if we can dream it we can achieve it.

The sherpa who stood on the summit of Mount Everest with me knew how hard it was because he had climbed it before, but he knew I could do it because he had seen it in me. I was the one who doubted and lacked belief in myself. 

Sue and Ang Nuru on the summit of Everest

We are not meant to struggle through life alone and it isn’t a sign of weakness to ask for help. My experience taught me that when you work together with other people it can catapult you to levels of achievement that you would never have believed possible. Why settle for mediocrity when you can have the best, the biggest or the highest? Remember, the danger is not in aiming too high but in aiming too low and achieving it.

Dream big, because big dreams really do come true…

Love Sue ♥️

Sue and Ang Nuru in Scotland