The other day in my Dare to Dream Facebook group I thought I’d change things up a little and do a card reading. I was going to put it in a post, but ended up doing a video, which I’m sharing with you here. And if you are reading this it is likely there is a message in these cards for you from your Guides…

One of the roles of those who are no longer with us is to act as our guides and mentors. Those who we loved who are no longer in physical form can guide us in ways they just couldn’t when they were in their physical body. Now they are guiding us from the all-knowing part of themselves… free from the restrictions of the physical body. Their energy is guiding us without the expectations, limitations and beliefs which cause us to constrict and stay small when we are in human form.  

And I don’t just mean people…I mean animals too. Our beloved pets. They are definitely teachers in this life, but when they are no longer in physical form they can also guide us too. 

When a person or animal comes into your mind… when you talk to them in your head… you are communicating with them. They are letting you know they are here. With you right now. We are infinite… our energy doesn’t die with our body. 

In 2012 I trained in person with Sonia Choquette, the renowned intuitive, as a Sixth Sensory Coach – our intuition being our sixth sense. When I work with someone who wants to become who they really are, who wants to change something in their life, or attain a goal, a dream, being able to work intuitively makes all the difference. I don’t just see the person in their physical body but I see who they really are…the greater part of themselves, the amazing part of themselves… their energy. 

It allows me to work with the heart and the soul, not just the mind, and to shine a light on the part of themselves that they may not be aware exists. 

Most of us have no idea how incredible we really are. Of our potential and the possibilities that are available to us, if we can only tap into all our gifts. If  only we have the courage to step out of the limitations we have set for ourselves and that are set for us by others. Believe me it’s so worth it. It’s so worth stepping through that door. I’ve been on both sides of it. One side is dark, the other is light, but it’s not until you’ve stepped through into the light, that you realise how dark it was where you were… 

Whatever you want to change in your life, whatever dream you want to attain, no matter how hard or scary it seems to get there, believe me it really it is worth stepping through the fear.

If you need guidance on how to do this then please get in touch. You can book a free call with me and we can discuss where you really want to be in your life and you can get there. You really don’t need to stay stuck any longer.

I regularly share videos (like the one in this post) and free coaching tips in my private Dare to Dream group on Facebook, so please come and join us. There are lots of other women like you who are daring to dream and daring to change. You are not alone.

Love Sue x