There are no mistakes. Our life is like a huge jigsaw puzzle.

Every experience we have, whether we see it as good or bad, is part of that puzzle and it often is not until many years later that we see

where all the pieces fit. But believe me, they DO fit.

And without every one of those pieces you would not be living YOUR life, the one you were born to lead.

You might feel you are in the middle of a big mistake right now, and can’t see the way out. Well there is a way out.

But the way out means taking a step forward, and not ‘wallowing’ in where you are now. That is keeping you stuck.

“But I can’t see a way forward!” I hear you say…. You might not see it, but the way forward is there.

There are two things you can do. Just for a minute stop thinking about how much you don’t want to be in the situation you are in now, about how unhappy you are, about how much you don’t want to be with the person or people who are around you.

Stop thinking what you don’t want, and start thinking about what you do want. Every time your thoughts drift back to how awful it is where you are now, immediately start thinking about what you want instead. I can’t stress how important this is.

The dawn of a new day…

Who knows what that may bring, that tiny action.Doing something is better than doing nothing.

Listen to your gut feelings and make a move forward – even if it is only a tiny one.

Who knows what doors it may open, who you may meet, what you may see…. your intuition knows you better than anyone, your intuition is the voice of who you really are.

It will if you listen to it, lead you to the life you were born to lead.

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