From what people tell me, many of you are struggling with your perceived outer reality right now. You feel that nothing seems to fit. The life you have been livingup until now no longer feels right. It all LOOKS exactly the same, but doesn’t FEEL the same. And that’s because it ISN’T the same. It’s not the same, because YOU have changed. You might not notice that you have… But that is why everything feels different. The previous version of you did its best to fit neatly into a square box. But this new version of YOU is so different, so expanded, that not only will you not fit into the box, the box no longer exists. The box is gone. The box being your old life. Your old way of being.

This new version of you is quite literally expanded, in that more of your energetic body, your soul you could call it, is actually within your human body because your body has become less dense, more light. I mean light as in light energy. And as a result you are experiencing everything differently because you are experiencing more of the multi dimensional you that you really are. So for example you will be noticing things in your outer reality that have always been there, but that you couldn’t see before. They were always there, but they were hidden in plain sight. In other words they were literally in another dimensional space. You could call it a parallel reality, of which there are many multiples. Which one you are in, or which ones you can access depends on your energetic frequency, because dimensions are frequencies, like radio band widths. And because we are multi dimensional beings we can access or literally be in and experience more than one dimension, or reality at the same time. You truly ARE much much more than you think you are…than you have been told you are. Dreamtime is just one of these dimensions. One which you access while your body is sleeping. Which is why dreams seem so real – because they literally ARE. 

So for example you can be interacting with your physical outer reality whilst at the same time also experiencing other dimensions, as multiple layers within beneath and on top of this reality. Because nothing is linear… nothing. It all is literally multi dimensional…in other words in ALL directions…everywhere at once. This is very hard to get your head around, which is why you need to at all times to reference this from the heart – because your mind can NOT work it out.. and will tell you that you are going crazy and what you are seeing does not exist. But it does exist. It IS. And your heart knows it.

Many of you are asking what to do next, where to go, how to be. The challenge being that it is no longer possible to plan. Because planning involves the control of events, which in the past would have fallen ‘into line’ on the time continuum. But that no longer readily happens now either. So plans tend to fall apart. The only way to live now is the way we are born to live, which is to flow with the moment, with what is happening right now…and let that lead you to the next thing. This can be challenging because it IS a new way of BEING. Yes, we do have appointments to keep still and right now we have to work around that, but it will all gradually change. And yes, many of us are moving location. I know that many of you have felt you were in a certain location for a certain reason – which you were, and the reason was energetic. And I know too that many of you now absolutely KNOW that your work in that place is done and that there is somewhere else you are being literally magnetically drawn to… It is the place you are born to be. For we are NOW all moving into flow with the life we were born to lead here on this planet… and inbodying the person we are born to be.

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All Love All Ways

Sue ♥

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