Of course we want every year to be our best year yet. But as with everything in life, wanting isn’t quite enough. We have to be pro-active. Sitting around and waiting for good things to happen just doesn’t work. I learnt that the hard way. I spent years sitting around waiting for something to happen.

I was so (arrogantly) sure that I was destined to do great things in some way that I was convinced that if I waited, whatever ‘it’ was would turn up. Well, surprise surprise it didn’t! And I just wandered aimlessly, feeling dissatisfied with life, looking for things outside of myself to make me feel better. I mean things like buying new clothes, having a new hair cut, looking over the fence at that green grass on the other side, even leaping over to try it out – and finding that in fact, it wasn’t at all better over there! 

These are things that we all do at some point, to make ourselves feel good, to try and find some meaning in our lives. But because we are constantly looking outside ourselves…instead of inside…these ‘things’ only give us a transitory ‘feel good’ feeling. We momentarily appreciate the new ‘things’ we buy or the green grass on the other side of the fence, but once the ‘newness’ of it all has worn off, then so does the good feeling, and we’re off looking for the next thing. And it is an endless, fruitless quest. So what is the answer?

Well as I said, it took me a very long time to work it out. It was a long and painful journey during which I learnt much about myself, but ultimately I came to realise that the answer to getting what we want and being where we want to be in life, lies within. It is only us, ourselves and no one else, that can give us what we want. And that takes hard work. Sitting around waiting gets you nowhere. It takes ACTION. But ACTION always involves CHANGE, because you are moving forward into the unknown and CHANGE is very scary. Which is why many people stay stuck where they are…waiting for something to happen.

So…what ACTION can you take to help all the good things arrive in your life?

Oh…there are so many things you can do, the list is endless! Where to start? Well, so that you don’t need to spend the many years wandering in the wilderness that I did, here are a few of the things that I learnt over the years which have a real effect on what turns up in my life. 

Here is the first one:

Ask yourself what makes you feel good? What pictures or photographs give you a good feeling when you look at them? Surround yourself with them. Photographs are very powerful. Find photographs of places you’d like to go – you can tear them out of magazines – and stick them on your fridge or cupboards. I have a favourite photograph as my desktop picture on my computer and other ones as a rolling screen saver. And they truly make me feel good. When I’m working I can just stop for a while and look at them and I can feel myself inwardly sigh and relax.

Listen to music that you love. Don’t listen to the bad news on the radio or watch it on TV – mostly it is about other people and doesn’t affect your life at all, and you don’t need to hear it. You are living your life and no one elses. Remember that! 

Read books that make you feel good. Perhaps books that take you somewhere you want to go. I recently re-read some books that I had read in my childhood which I had loved at the time and reading them again now gave me just as much pleasure. They reminded me of the innocence of childhood. A place we have mostly forgotten exists. And reading them made me feel really good!

Surrounding yourself with things that give you that warm, fuzzy feeling, that make you feel relaxed and good inside. This does wonders for your state of mind and how you view the world around you. And believe me, that can start to change everything. How you FEEL will have a profound effect on what happens to you in your life and on making this your best year yet.

And remember, no sitting around. ACTION is everything!