Dear Diary

I woke up today to the most beautiful morning – clear blue skies and very cold  and frosty (0˚celsius). The perfect day to go for a walk to one of my favourite places. It was about 40 minutes drive to where I was going, and as I got nearer my destination I was dismayed to see a bank of cloud ahead – when I’d been hoping for the blue skies that I’d left at home.

I then wondered about changing my plans and going for a walk in a blue sky location, but I didn’t have any other maps with me and more importantly my intuition was saying ‘no just keep going and stick to your original plan’. I am now wise enough not to ignore my intuitive feelings and when my inner guidance says yes or no to something I usually do it – having learnt by trial and error over the years what happens when I don’t!

So I kept on driving and as I arrived at my destination I was greated by the most amazing rainbow I have ever seen. I actually gasped in amazement and pure wonder when I saw it. It was a double one, and so beautiful and so close to me that I stopped the car in the middle of the road (well the road was so narrow there was no where other than the middle to park!) and jumped out to take some photographs. The photos of course do not really do it justice, the colours were so bright.

And this wasn’t the end of it. When I set off on my walk I was surrounded by rainbows – a rainbow kept appearing in a different direction every few minutes. So this is what I was here to see. This amazing show by Mother Earth – which of course I would not have seen if I had gone for a blue sky walk….and then the clouds cleared and I had blue sky too!

It always without question pays to follow your intuition. Your inner guide knows best. Your inner guide is who you really are. And who you really are is more amazing than you could ever imagine – if you just give yourself a chance to shine.

Lots of love