Perception IS the only thing that shifts.

Perception IS the only thing that shifts.

Everything is shifting right now – in every direction. It may feel like the very Earth is moving below your feet, and that you have nothing solid to cling to. Well that is because nothing is solid and everything seems to be shifting.

I say seems to be shifting, because in actual fact our perception is the only thing that really shifts, and that gives the impression that everything is changing. When in actual fact, in Truth, everything already IS. It is simply hidden in plain view… Your mind will not understand this, but it doesn’t need to. Just read it with your heart.

As you become more awake, more conscious, then so your perception shifts, and you perceive more, seemingly new things, and experiences around you. Things that were already there, you just couldn’t seem them.

Imagine that in the middle of your forehead you have a beam of light, like a headlight on a car. It is shining out in front of you and you can see everything that is within the beam of light. As you become more conscious, and live more and more in the present moment (which is the only ‘time’ there is…i.e. NOW) and less in your mind…less in the perceived past and the perceived future…then the beam becomes brighter and wider. And suddenly you start seeing all the things around you that were already there, but were in the dark. It is simply that now they are lit up, they are visible.

This is what I mean when I say that All Is Hidden In Plain View…

Remember this. You are NOT your mind, but you ARE your heart.

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All Love All Ways

Sue ♥♥♥