This video demonstrates how plants really are intelligent Beings…they just have a different way of BEing to us.


The one thing that connects everything in the Universe is music, or sound. Every thing and every one of us is energy… and that is vibrating. When things vibrate they create sound waves, which we hear as music as well as feel.


Music is literally the Universal Language. We can FEEL it. Sound travels in waves and those waves touch and reach every thing in the Universe… and I mean EVERY THING. Plants, animals, water, minerals, the Earth, other Planets, other Beings in other dimensions, other Galaxies, other Universes…


Music is the language of the Universe

Music is the language of the Universe

Sound affects the way we feel. You know what effect certain pieces of music can have on you? What emotion they can evoke? Well, that is what I mean. Your body is interacting with the sound waves. And because we are all different, and we all have a different energy pattern, which is our energy signature, we each have a unique interaction with every piece of music we hear.


Remember…Love is the highest frequency of all…It is a combination of ALL frequencies and ALL emotions (which are lower frequencies). So when you embody LOVE – which is who you really are – then you are at total Oneness with everything around you and everything around you will FEEL this frequency. This is how you can communicate with plants, animals, crystals, Beings in other dimensions…they all communicate on the vibrational frequency of Love.


All Love


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