Have you ever tried to meditate, but find it just doesn’t work for you? Don’t worry you are not alone!

Conventional wisdom teaches that to meditate we need to empty our mind of thoughts. Ah! Simple! But as I’m sure you all know, in reality when you try and meditate you fidget, look at your watch, worry, think about the day ahead and try and empty your mind of thoughts….

As fast as you try and empty your mind it just fills up with usually the exact thing you are trying to avoid thinking about, namely your worries! So the whole experience creates tension and frustration rather than peace and relaxation. Which is why most people, understandably, give up.

After trying different meditation techniques myself over many years, I decided that there must be a better way for all of us non-Buddhist monks to get the well-documented benefits of meditation – namely accessing a wonderful feeling of peace, calm and wellbeing – without doing it by the conventional meditation rule book (written by who?).

So after thinking long and hard about this problem, and deciding to go with the flow rather than resisting it, I came up with the solution, which is Moments of Bliss.

Moments of Bliss is based on the premise that no matter how hard we try to keep thoughts out of our mind, they will somehow creep in…and resisting this is what creates the tension and stops us from relaxing.

Moments of Bliss is a very simple technique which you can use at any time, anywhere. It can immediately help you to feel good. And feeling good is without doubt the key to living our best life. I use it all the time now whenever I need a Moment of Bliss! It really can change your life and I would love it if you would try it too.