In the first few days of the New Year, I sat down and thought about the year ahead. My initial idea had been to write down what my intentions were for the year. What I wanted to do. What I wanted to achieve. But when I started writing, what came out was not what I expected.

Instead of specific goals, I started writing a list of words and phrases. Words which describe how I love to feel and things which give me the feelings I love to have!

So instead of creating a series of expectations for myself, I found myself writing a list of Wonder….all the things that make me feel good. It started like this:

Blue skies







Outpourings of Happiness

Long walks

Streams, rivers, tarns, lakes

Beautiful people


Warm rock

Lightness of Being

And so it went on… I ended up with a list of nearly 80 items. And I will go on adding to them. It probably is in fact, endless.

But do you see what I was doing? I was following my intuition, which knows that if we set ourselves precise goals and expectations we make our ‘plan’ too rigid. The goals and expectations we do set are usually based on the effect we want to achieve –– in other words they are usually things that we believe will make us feel good if we achieve them… But if we don’t…?

So instead of creating a rigid plan of action why not just plan to have the feelings you were hoping the achievement of the rigid plan would give you? And leave it up to your inner guide to draw to you the right events that will create these feelings for you?

Often our ‘resolutions’ do not manifest because they are not the right things for us – even though we believe they are – but our inner guide always knows best. The thing to do is decide how you want to feel, then let go and leave it up to the universe to provide the experiences that match those feelings. When we create rigid plans and they don’t manifest we set ourselves up for disappointment…this is what expectation does.

Trust that once you have let the universe know what your desired feelings are for 2013 that your inner guide will lead you to the right circumstances in order to manifest these feelings. Remember the things that make you feel good, are unique to you…so if you follow your inner guide she will always lead you to the right things for you. Always stick with your gut feeling. Doing something just because someone else is successful doing it, does not mean you will be. In fact this rarely happens. What they were doing was right for them…but your path is different, because you’re different.

Feelings are the language of the soul. When we learn to live in a feeling world, we are walking hand in hand with the person we really are, instead of keeping our distance and always trying to play catch up with this person.

So write your list from the heart. No one need see it. And you can add to it all the time. Just reading through it will make you feel good if you are ever feeling down – because on that list are all the beautiful aspects of you. Of who you really are. It’s those parts of you that you have forgotten about, that you don’t dare admit to, because you can’t believe you will ever experience them. But once you start expressing your soul’s desires – because that’s what these things are – then you are opening the flood gates for all these desires to come to you. You are saying to the universe “ this is me, this is who I am!” and once you start declaring that you are all those wonderful things, then the law of attraction has to bring them to you.

None of the things on my list are material wants or needs. We buy things because we believe they will make us feel good. But my list illustrates that we can feel good and have all the wonderful feelings we want for FREE…. This is what makes me feel good…Blue skies, sunshine, love, laughter, long walks, streams, rivers…. You’ve got the idea I know..

Once you get the FEELING, it acts like a magnet, because that’s what we are, we’re magnets…so you will just start attracting more things that give you the wonderful feeling….

This is how you create the life of your dreams….

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