One of my favourite quotes is “The danger is not in aiming too high but in aiming too low and achieving it”. We can create whatever we want in life – you might find that hard to believe, but having climbed Mount Everest I absolutely know that we can. You really CAN live the life of your dreams and I want to help you to do that.

The sort of people I help are often those who are lacking motivation and drifting aimlessly, being pushed this way and that by the current of life. Most people don’t realize that they are actually able to take charge and change the direction of their lives themselves. To take control of life instead of being controlled by it. But you can live the life you want, yes really you can. I can show you how to do that.

I used to be like that too once, lacking not only motivation and purpose, but also self belief. However sailing across the Atlantic and climbing Everest taught me that we already possess all the tools and wisdom that we need to be able to create the life we want to live, we just don’t realize it. My role as an Intuitive Life Coach is to shine a light on the amazing gifts that you have hidden away within you, to give you back your self belief and help you to get from where you are now to where you want to be. I work very intuitively to help you change from the inside out. If you would like to talk to me about how this could work for you read more

I offer free  introductory coaching sessions. Coaching can be done over the telephone so it doesn’t matter where you are geographically. If you would like to turn your life around and dare to dream, please email to arrange a free session. I really want to help, because I just know how amazing you really are…