I was sitting in a café this morning looking at all the people and imagining how different it would feel in there if there was no more fear, if people could just relax and know that their every need would somehow be met. If they didn’t need to worry about money any more. If they could do what they’d always wanted to do. Even though many of them were smiling, I could still see tension in their body and sensed that any cheerfulness was superficial, that they were ‘making the best of it’ just like many people on this planet. This is how it felt to me.

Wherever I go and whatever I do I always notice how it feels to me. You know how you can ‘feel’ the atmosphere when you walk into a room? How sometimes it is very noticeable and you can feel the tension in the air? That’s where the saying ‘you could cut the atmosphere with a knife’ comes from and it is the energy that you’re feeling – the dominant energy in the room.

I know that if everyone was relaxed, with no stress and no worries about money, no fear of doing something wrong, it would feel so different in that café…in all cafes…in fact in all shops, offices, public places and homes! The dominant vibration would be so different. It would be much higher (meaning it would feel better) simply as a result of everyone feeling good – and believe me you would notice that. Your body would tune into it. And of course when you feel good, then the ‘vibes’ you send out into the world are good ones… and they join up with all the other vibes coming off all the other people… which if there is no longer any fear or anything to worry about, would also be good… So the Collective Vibration would be amazing… You would feel light, bright and happy… Exactly how you are supposed to feel in fact… You would feel so good you would be loving towards everyone, including yourself… And Love woul become the dominant energy… We would be back at Prime… at our true Essence… For Love is what we truly are, which I wrote about in my last article.

So what is energy?

Everything in this universe is made of energy all vibrating at different rates. Energy with very low vibration becomes matter. So for example the energy of tables and chairs has a much slower vibration than we as humans do, but they are still coalesced energy. And because this energy is vibrating slowly we see it as solid. That goes for every single thing in this universe.

Because we are all made up of the same energy we feel the vibration coming off from each other and all things and it affects us. So when you walk into a room and you feel the vibes, that is literally what you are feeling – the collective energetic vibration emitted by the people gathered in that room. So you can feel whether it’s a good happy vibe, or a not so good vibe coming from the different emotions the people in the room are feeling, because emotions also have different frequencies, and your energy just naturally tunes into this.

So if you were feeling really great and you walked into a room full of sad, gloomy or angry people it would not feel good in there to you. It would bring you down and make you feel heavy and drained and you would feel like turning round and going back out, although until now you may or may not have been consciously aware of why you were affected in this way. However the opposite is also true and if everyone is feeling good the vibration in the room will feel amazing and if you go in there not feeling good yourself it will really lift you up.

Good vibes are a much higher frequency than bad vibes, that’s why bad vibes don’t make you feel good. Your energetic antenna which surrounds your physical body is picking up these vibrations the whole time, every millisecond. And your energy body is feeding you this information through your feelings. So it might be saying “oh oh this doesn’t feel good, don’t go there” or “there’s something wrong with this” which to you translates into getting a ‘bad vibe’ or a ‘bad feeling’ about something. And the converse is also true. When you get a great feeling about something it’s just feedback from your energy body way out there in front of you, saying “hey this is amazing go for it, this is who you really are!” And when we hesitate because we feel some fear as it’s something new that we haven’t done before it will probably say: “Hey, what are you waiting for? Just jump damn it! This is what you’ve been waiting for!”

This is what is called following your intuition or your inner guidance. We really do have all the answers within us, but because we’re not used to trusting ourselves, in fact because we’ve often been told that is wrong, then we tend to look outside ourselves, to others, to the media, to people who seem more knowledgeable than us, for answers. But how could they possibly know what is right or wrong for us, when all these answers come from our own energy body, our own guidance? All other people can tell us is either what feels right for them…or what they want us to believe is true.

So it’s time to start trusting ourselves, because we are the only ones that know what is best for us. We do have all the answers. We just need to start being aware of how we are feeling at all times. When you have a decision to make, say to yourself “How does this choice feel to me? Does it feel better than that choice?” It takes some conscious practise to start living in this way, but it’s going to be our new future way of being, so now is a good time to start.

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