I occasionally post intuitive stories – things that have happened to me that illustrate how our intuition works and how it guides us through our life. It is easy to miss the small messages that we are given, but the more we notice them, the more they seem to happen. However they are happening all the time, but it’s only when we get into the habit of noticing them that we see them happening more and more often. We are being guided by our intuition the whole time, but often we spend so much time in our heads, we don’t come up for air enough to get the messages!

A few days ago I had an important letter to post. I decided that as it was a beautiful day, I would got for a walk in one of my favourite places, as there just happens to be a letter box there, right by the bridge over the river where I park my car. I often use ‘posting letters’ as a reason to go for a walk here…but of course it is no coincidence that there is a letter box in this place to encourage me to do that…because when I go for a walk here I always feel wonderful. I love to go. I look around, I talk to the trees, listen to the river…it’s walking meditation for me. It makes me feel so good. And of course when you feel good, you are in synchronicity with the flow of life, in that place where ideas and inspiration just come to you and you feel anything is possible. When I walk there I get so many ideas…so when I feel the urge to go, I go.

You know, yes you do, there are no coincidences in life.

By the time I arrived and parked the car and started putting on my walking boots, I was so engrossed in getting ready for my walk that I completely forgot I had a letter in my bag to post. Then, as I lifted my head from tying my boot laces, I saw a red post office van coming down the road towards me… Ah! I got the message at once…. my letter, I needed to post it. Thank you, that was all the reminder I needed!

This is how our inner guidance works. We get messages in all shapes and forms. But you can also see, that if you are not paying

attention, you can miss the messages. I could have been tying my laces while engrossed in some story in my head that was going round and round, something that I was worrying about… and I could so easily either not have seen the mail van coming down the road, or not been aware enough to make the connection between the van and my letter for it to even act as a reminder.

Do you have any intuitive stories like this to tell? If so I’d love to hear about them. You can either post them in the comments below to share with us all, or you can email me  and I will put it in a blog. The more we share these things the more we become aware of the different ways in which our intuition gives us messages.

Don’t forget, our intuition is the voice of who you really are….

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And if like many people you struggle with meditation, why not try a different technique called Moments of Bliss, which in a few minutes will take you to a place of ‘feeling good’, that place where anything can happen? 

Have a wonderful week!

Love Sue