I see my job as helping you to get from where you are now to where you want to be. And that does not mean you need to relocate! Well not physically… just look at it more in terms of relocating your consciousness from your mind to your heart  ♥

I have been giving guidance, in different forms, for many years, but usually only on request, and I am now making what I do more available.

What I am offering is my value, the uniqueness of all that I BE and that comes in different forms to suit different people and circumstances. We are all unique as I DO often remind you. And you are so beautiful in your uniqueness. I see You, and absolutely honour all that you BE.

I offer Intuitive Guidance in three different formats. Please read on to find out what these specifically are, and see which one, if any, resonates with you. To make a booking please email me at sue@womenhavevision.com.


My job as an Intuitve Coach is to help you get from where you are now, to where you want to be. If you feel that any of these apply to you, then Intuitive Coaching could be the way forward:

• Are you ‘stuck’ and don’t know how to move forward?

• Is there something in your life that you want to change but don’t know how?

• Do you have a nagging feeling that there must be more to life than this, but don’t know what it is?

• Do you want to discover the person you were born to be and to live the life you   were born to lead?

Intuitive Coaching is about me guiding you on a journey of self-discovery to find out who you really are. Shining a light on the parts of you that perhaps you have never seen. It is about becoming that person who can do anything, be anything and achieve anything…. Really. Yes really. It’s about becoming the best you can be. And believe me, when you have gone through this transformational process you will not recognize yourself as the person you used to be. Inside us we are all amazing, phenomenal, joyful, abundant human beings. We have just forgotten that and no longer know how to see it. My job is to show you how you can. I love my job!

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, as coaching is done over the telephone or skype.

You can read the story of one of the people I’ve coached over the years here – Andy’s Guiding Belief. And various other testimonials.

Price: £70 per hour

To book please email me at sue@womenhavevision.com


You can send me an email with a specific question regarding something that is going on in your life right now that you require guidance on, and I will send you back a detailed answer. For example you may require guidance on:

• a personal relationship issue

• an emotional, spiritual or physical issue

• the direction of your career

• a decision you have to make – and can’t clearly see the right choice

• how to recognise the person you really are as opposed to the person you have become.

These are just a few examples. Please note that even if you ask a yes or no question, you will get a comprehensive reply.

Price: £19 per question

Please email your question to sue@womenhavevision.com and I will send you a Paypal invoice for payment.


In doing an Intuitive Reading I tune out my mind and tune in to the greater part of me, allowing my consciousness to connect with your energy field. There are two ways I give readings.

I can give you a general reading and tell you what I see in your energy pattern in this moment. However people usually request a reading when they have something specific going on in their life that they would like greater insight into and guidance as to how a situation may best be resolved. By connecting with your energy field I can tell you what I see in your energy pattern that relates to this situation and how I see it moving forward based on the choices you are making in your life in this moment.

Intuitive Readings are done over the telephone or via Skype.

Price £49 for 30 minutes.

To Book please email me at sue@womenhavevision.com