It’s vital we understand the difference between wanting ‘it’ to happen and choosing for ‘it’ to happen. Choosing is making a decision, deciding that it is happening. Choosing for it to happen is a high energetic vibration coming from a place of knowing that it is happening. Wanting is a low vibration, coming from a place of fear and doubt ‘that it might not happen’. If you say the words ‘want’ and ‘choose’ to yourself you will FEEL the difference in you body.


The best way to DO this is not by imagining what you think everything might be like when it has happened – because we can’t know that yet (as it hasn’t happened :))! And everything is likely to much better than we think it might be anyway… So instead focus on the present. Focus on the DOing, as Heather wants us to. And the DOing is BEing in a way you haven’t BE’d before. It’s seeing yourself as an energetic BEing in a physical body and interacting with everything around you – everything BEing the same energy as you.


Start getting used to this new way of BEing. Ask yourself Who Am I? Who Am I Really? And believe me who you really are is unlikely to be the person you have been for the last goodness knows how many years since you were a small child living life as a bundle of joy.


Start asking yourself what you FEEL about things, instead of what you THINK about things… Feelings are our truth, they give us the energetic feedback from everything that we are (energetically) interacting with around us. Does it feel good or does that really not feel good? That is the question you should be asking yourself whenever you do, say, eat, hear, speak, touch something.


And the most important thing of all that we can be DOing right now…to bring forth the new reality that we are CHOOSING… is Heather’s Gold Exercise. Her message this morning was very loud and clear:


I ask that every one to focus on the gold exercise consciously for the next 48 hours…write “gold” on your hand, write it on sticky notes and post them every where or just put “gold” in your heart and brain so it is in every breath you take…time to supercharge and DO…let’s have some more fun (rock) (heart)”


DOing this is bringing forth that which we all now CHOOSE. By DOing you will no longer Want, because ‘it’ will be Here NOW. You only get to where you want to go by focusing on the step in front of you. And by DOing that you will suddenly realise that you are There – without knowing how it happened. When you are Absolutely focused on the DOing, you become totally aligned energetically with where you want to go…


The shadow of Everest cast on the sky by the rising sun of a new dawn

The shadow of Everest cast on the sky by the rising sun of a new dawn

Believe me, I know what I’m talking about, because this is how I climbed to the summit of Mount Everest, the Mother Goddess of Earth, the highest mountain on our beautiful Planet. Just like you feel now, I wasn’t sure ‘it’ would happen, that I would reach the summit. Just like you now, I was scared of the unknown – of climbing higher than most people on this Earth ever have before, of getting frostbite, of dying up there… I didn’t know what would happen (just like you don’t now). But deep inside of me I had an Inner Knowing that I could do it, that ‘it’ would happen. So I just kept going. Not looking at the summit, not even thinking of the summit, because I couldn’t begin to imagine what it would be like when I got there (just as we can’t imagine now how our new reality looks).


So I just kept putting one foot in front of the other, and because I was so focused on the DOing and not thinking at all about Wanting To Be There, it actually didn’t seem difficult. To many people it sounds crazy that it couldn’t be difficult climbing at 29,000 feet, the cruising height of jumbo jets, but it wasn’t, because I was so aligned with the energy of the mountain. You know how it is when you’re so passionate about what you’re doing, so ‘in the zone’, that things can be going on all around you and you just don’t notice? Well that’s what I mean. And that’s where we need to be now. In the zone. Focusing on what we’re DOing to get where we choose to BE. Not just wanting to be there… Do you understand what I’m saying?


It was by doing this that I eventually found myself climbing up those final slopes, along that wavy corniced ridge, onto the summit of Mount Everest. And as I stood on the highest point on Earth, looking at the whole world laid out before me, in awe at the unbelievable beauty all around me, I truly did feel nearer to the sun, the moon and the stars, than to Earth. I felt I could almost touch the sky, which was a beautiful deep cobalt blue. And as Earth curved away, far away into infinity, I became aware of the vastness of the universe; of it’s limitless potential; of our limitless potential.


And I came to the sudden realization, that at last I had found myself. Because in doing something like this, something so difficult and dangerous, you can’t be anything but yourself. Your guard is down, the mask is off. And in that instant of recognition I knew that the elusive something that I had been searching and striving for all my life, that I had always assumed was the right man, the right partner, the perfect husband, was in fact me. And that here at last, on the summit of the world, I had found what I had always been looking for. I had found myself.


And this Beautiful People, is where We Are At Now. We are At A Point Where BEing focused and BEing Ourselves, Our True, Authentic Selves is what will bring this new reality forth into BEING. So stay focused on DOing, just BE YOU and don’t worry about the rest… Whatever it takes, believe me it will be worth waiting for…And I know You Know that.


With Much Love




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