So…you think you know who you really are and that you’re living the life you were born to lead… Me too! Until about 3 months ago. And I’ve been laughing at myself ever since. Because this is what I teach. I teach people that being the person you really are, who is hidden underneath the many layers of the person you have become over all these years since you were a very small child, is the key to living the life of your dreams – which yes, IS the life you were born to lead.

But as is always the case, just when we think we have got it cracked, then something else shows up…usually an aspect of ourselves that has been hidden…that we have unconsciously hidden…because no one else is going to hide it are they? It is usually a part of our life that we filter out, ignore, accept for what it is, because it means that we fit in with the life we are leading….  and because it fits, then we justify it. But that of course, does not mean it is Truth. It does not mean it is who we really are… as you will see… 

So here is what happened to me. About 3 months ago I was in a shop with a friend that sells all sorts of outdoor gear.  Whilst I was waiting for her to try something on I suddenly  saw that I was standing right beside the rock climbing shoes. And as I looked at them I felt this incredible emotion welling up in me, and to my horror tears started falling out of my eyes! I was absolutely shocked at my body’s spontaneous response and immediately got the message. That it was time for me to start climbing again… This was something that I needed to be doing in every sense of the word “needed”. My body was speaking. It was saying “this is who I AM”. This was NOT a message I could ignore.

You see from the age of 18 until 10 years ago, I have always climbed. I have climbed rocks, cliffs, hills, alps, himalayan mountains… In short I have always been a

Sue on Everest

climber. I love mountains and my partners have always been climbers too. Then in 2004 two things happened. I climbed Everest, and I got married. No, actually, three things happened. The third being that I stopped climbing. After Everest I told myself that I’d ‘done’ climbing, but in all honesty I now have to admit that the main reason I decided I was no longer a climber was because my partner no longer climbed. So I decided I wouldn’t either… I gave up a part of who I AM to ‘fit in’ with the relationship…to make us ‘the same’… when I should know better, because again, I teach it…  I KNOW that we are all unique…and that we can fit together without actually being the same…yet still I unconsciously tried to ‘fit in’…. Sometimes we cannot SEE…until it is the time to SEE.

The other day I was thinking about this and some of the words from “Amazing Grace” floated into my mind… “I was blind and NOW I see”… They fit absolutely with this NOW moment. Believe me, we cannot always see that which is right before our eyes. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, is hidden in plain sight – and I know I keep saying this, but it is so true! I had another experience of this at the end of last year, when something I had been longing for and dreaming about suddenly made itself visible…and I use those words ‘made itself visible’ deliberately. Because I suddenly SAW that what I had been longing for and dreaming about was already in my life… but I wasn’t able to see it until that particular moment, because I had been filtering it out. Oh yes, our mind is very good at that. We make our life fit the story we tell ourselves about ourselves, about who we are. Which is why it is SO important to listen to our intuition. Because our intuition IS the voice of who we REALLY are. That was the voice I heard in the shop…it was the voice that came through via my feelings and manifested itself in the tears of years of unrecognised pent up emotion.

But after that experience of feeling that incredible emotion welling up in me in the shop whilst just looking at climbing shoes, I immediately did something about it. When I get a message like that I know its time to take action. I knew there was an indoor climbing wall somewhere in my local town and so I went there at the next available opportunity. I bought some new climbing shoes as my old ones no longer fit me. I got all my climbing equipment down from the loft, dusted it off, and started climbing again. And it feels so GOOD!!! And as a result of doing this, so many other things in my life are now changing. Change one thing and that changes everything… If you feel stuck and in a place in your life where you’re going round in circles then it is time to change something. Anything.

Are YOU listening to your intuition, to what your body is telling you… are you doing what you long to do… or are YOU denying yourself doing something that you love … denying that there is anything you want to be doing? What story are YOU telling yourself?

All Love All Ways

Sue ♥

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