Dear Diary

I have the most wonderful view out of my bathroom window – over fields, beautiful woodland, sheep grazing on the moors…it’s heavenly. But when I first moved into this house I had no view at all out of my bathroom window, because it was frosted glass. At first I just accepted this, because that’s what my last bathroom window had been like, and that is what most are like. No one can see in and no one can see out…

However after about a year of living here and occasionally actually opening that particular window to look at the fabulous view while I was brushing my teeth, it suddenly occurred to me that if the view from the window is only of fields, moors and sheep, then who on earth can see in? No one! There are no houses and no people within half a mile of the view from my bathroom window. Durrr! It had only taken me a year to realise I didn’t need frosted glass at all (that was said with sarcasm…)!

The minute this realisation dawned on me I immediately got a pane of beautiful clear glass put in. And now not only do I spend a lot more time brushing my teeth because I love standing at the window, but I also see the most wonderful things.

Take this morning for instance. There is the most beautiful Ash tree in the field in front of the window and whilst I was brushing my teeth a movement caught my eye. It was a squirrel, scurrying down the trunk of this tree, along the branches, now bare of leaves, and into another tree. It was very busy collecting what I assumed were nuts and taking them into a hole at the top of the Ash tree. Getting a store ready for winter, I thought. But then I saw what he was carrying was much bigger than a nut, so I ran to get my binoculars. What he was doing was collecting leaves from the neighbouring tree, stuffing as many as he could into his mouth and taking them into his Ash tree hole… Aaaah! Making a cosy nest for winter! How lovely…. And I love the thought that he will be sleeping in that tree all winter, I love knowing that he is there…just outside the window, sleeping in his cosy nest beside me.

And then there was the woodpecker. I’ve seen him in this Ash tree before, but there he was again this morning, pecking away at the trunk… So he must live nearby too… Being this close to nature gives me such a wonderful feeling of closeness to nature… I know you know what I mean…

Every time I look out of this window I am so thankful that I changed the glass… We get so used to things being how they are that we think that’s how they should be, almost as though there’s a rule about it! In this case the rule in my mind was that all bathroom windows have frosted glass. Full stop. But ha! I broke the rule (of my own making of course), and it feels so good!

So what in your life is stopping you from seeing clearly… what do you need to change, that you didn’t realise until now that you needed to or even could change? If you stop for a minute and look at things differently you’ll find something that definitely needs changing. Remember there are no rules in life – except ones we make ourselves… So break a few rules, be less rigid…change that glass and have a look at what is really on the other side of the window – you’ll be surprised at how amazing the view is out there!

See you on the other side.

Love Sue