If you haven’t yet joined the Women Have Vision “Dare to Dream” Facebook group, then come and join us! It’s where all the action takes place.

It’s a private group where I post regular videos with coaching tips, give away free intuitive readings and starting this Monday 1st February, is the Girl Talk Zoom Room. We chat, have a virtual coffee together, you ask questions and I do some coaching and give intuitive guidance. All completely free.

The details for the Girl Talk meet-up will be posted in the group, so come and join us there, I’d love to see you!

We’re all on our own life journey and sometimes that can be tough. If you would like my personal support on your journey, you can book a free coaching call to see if our alchemy fits. 

I know from experience how important it is to have someone to hold your hand when the going gets tough and kick your ass when you think about turning around and giving up! The view from the top is too good…I won’t let you do it!

Love Sue    ❤️