As I sit here at my desk I am looking out at rain rain rain! Yep autumn is definitely here. But that is no bad thing as I LOVE autumn. More than anything I love the beautiful colours, frosty mornings and log fires.

Just thinking about those things makes me FEEL really good.

And I am always on the look out for things that make me feel good, as I know that the key to living an intuitive life is feeling good as much of the time as we possibly can.

That is one of the things I was teaching last Saturday on my course “How To Live An Intuitive Life”. One of the great things about courses like this is spending a day with like-minded people. It makes such a difference! So often we intuitive people feel isolated, as though we are ploughing a lonely furrow and no one understands us. Friends and colleagues often think we are ‘weird’ because we do things differently – and that usually means doing things our way instead of theirs; or deciding to act on our intuition and doing what feels right for us, even if that means moving to Timbuctu, or France or living on a boat!

But oh my goodness being your own person feels SO good, why would you want to be anyone else?

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