“Intuition is your soul whispering the truth to your heart and hoping that you hear.”

Kate Spencer

Email Readings


I started doing email readings about 8 years ago. It’s amazing how you don’t actually need to see or speak to a person in order to do a reading. All you need to do is to connect with them energetically – connect with their energy field. It’s a form of telepathy. We are all made up of energy, which is so vast, that only part of that energy is in our physical body, the rest is just kind of ‘milling around out there in the ether’, to put it very non-scientifically! So we literally are all connected. I find it best not to think about it too hard as it’s rather brain-frazzling! But I just know that all I need is your full name and I can connect with you. Even if there are other people in the world with the same name as you, we already have the energetic connection through you contacting me, and I won’t get the wrong person.

With an email reading you don’t have to book an appointment for a certain time, you just send me your question or questions and I send you back a reading. This also means you don’t have to remember what I’ve said, as it’s written down for you to keep and reread as often as you want. And I love doing it.

People often request a reading when they have something specific going on in their life that they would like greater insight into, or guidance as to how a situation may best be resolved.

For example, you may require guidance on:

  • a personal relationship issue
  • an emotional, spiritual or physical issue
  • the direction of your career
  • a decision you have to make and can’t clearly see the right choice

Please note that even if you ask a yes or no question, you will get a comprehensive reply.
If this is you then I can help.


Do you have a relationship question or issue?
I can look at the energy match between two people and see what issues this highlights. This may help resolve problems or give you an idea of whether or not to enter into or continue with a relationship.

A Relationship Reading is a short Email Reading (approx 250 words).
For this, I need your full name and the name of the person you are enquiring about.


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Send me an email with a specific question regarding something that is going on in your life right now that you require guidance on and I will send you back a detailed answer (approx 500 words). 

I am unable to answer medical or health-related questions.


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