Some years ago now I knew things in my life needed to change when I wasn’t having fun any more…It just dawned on me one day…I couldn’t remember the last time when I’d really had fun…laughed even!

It became clear that my partner and I were no longer on the same journey…we were literally on different frequencies. Whereas once we had shared the same interests and dreams, now I felt alone, on a journey that he neither shared nor recognised as valid. I had given up doing the things I loved like climbing and sailing because he didn’t want to do them and they weren’t things I could do alone.

I realised how big an impact this was having on me one day one day when I went into a shop selling outdoor gear with a friend. As she was trying on jackets I looked around the shop and when my eyes fell on the rack of rock climbing shoes, to my shock and embarrassment I spontaneously burst into tears…In that moment I knew I had to change things in my life.

I was denying who I was by not letting myself do the things I loved. And I know we cannot deny who we are…I also know that it is doing the things we love that leads us to where we are meant to be in our life. Those things open doors. Because I was denying myself them, I felt stuck and trapped.

So I changed my life completely. It wasn’t easy and it was very scary. But finally I freed myself from the constraints I had imposed upon myself. I left my partner and started doing the things I loved again…and it felt amazing! And still does… Now I make sure that I fill my life with things I love to do.

This photo on the right was taken one evening, just as it was growing dark. After my final coaching call of the day I grabbed my things and went on a wild swimming adventure with some friends at dusk…and we had fun! This was taken as I walked home.

Are you having fun??? What are you doing I’d love to know?!

We’re all on our own life journey and sometimes that can be tough. If you would like my personal support on your journey, you can book a free coaching call to see if our alchemy fits. 

I know from experience how important it is to have someone to hold your hand when the going gets tough and kick your ass when you think about turning around and giving up! The view from the top is too good…I won’t let you do it!

Love Sue    ♥️