Mountains, big challenges, are a true mirror of character.They make pretence or deception impossible and lay the soul bare.

There can be no pretence when you are wobbling on the middle of a ladder across a bottomless crevasse, no hiding from who you really are.There is no middle way. It’s either up or down.

This is a photograph of me on a ladder crossing a very deep and wide crevasse on Everest.

On Everest I truly came face to face with myself. I could no longer pretend to be someone I wasn’t.

When you are scared and at your limit you can be no one except yourself – the person you REALLY are… There’s nowhere to hide.

That’s why we are presented with challenges…because it’s how we find ourselves. It’s how we learn what we are capable of. And that is much much more than we think.

When I first dreamt of climbing Everest I had no idea if I would be capable of climbing it and I don’t think many people thought I could. I learnt many lessons on this climb to the top of the world, but I think the greatest one of all was that you have absolutely no idea what you are capable of unless you try…

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Love Sue ❤️