You don’t need to TRY to BE anything or something more than you already are… because you already ARE everything you need to be. All you need to be is YOU, that which you already ARE.

You just need to become easy and comfortable with YOU. To be glad that you are YOU and not someone else. To be easy in your skin, in your body…in your FREQUENCY. To relax into it and not feel the need to be something more. Because you don’t. There is nothing more to BE.

BEing YOU is what you are here to do. And once you realise that, life suddenly becomes much less of a struggle… because most of the struggle is in trying to be something that you’re not. Something that you aren’t born to be. And because you’re not born to be that which you’re trying to be… it becomes a struggle.

Just be YOU and life becomes easy. There’s no need to care what anyone thinks about YOU because it doesn’t matter. You know that being YOU is perfect. It’s why you’re here. And you’re doing it so well.

All Love All Ways

Sue ♥

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