I spend part of my time in the French and Swiss Alps, in the beautiful mountains that feed my soul, and everywhere I go in these mountains I see hearts.

Hearts carved into the wooden doors and balconies of the lovely wooden chalets, hearts in shop windows, hearts in restaurants. I love it so much! Seeing hearts everywhere gives me a wonderful feeling.

And that’s because every time you see one, it takes you out of that place in your head called your mind, and puts you right back in your own heart space – that place where love resides. That place where our truth resides.

It takes us back to who we really are, that amazing person we were born to be. And if only, every time we speak to someone, or make a decision, or, and particularly, when we tell ourselves what we think about ourselves – if only we could do it from that place, that heart space, our lives would be truly different.

If you speak to someone with your awareness in your heart, they will hear it. Perhaps not consciously, but on a deeper level they will. And they will respond in a different way than they would have if you had spoken to them from that place that thinks it knows everything but doesn’t, that we call our mind.

Try it for yourselves and see. Just for one day, place your awareness in your heart  before you engage with any person or any task or any decision and see what happens. Write yourself some post-it notes saying “Be in your heart” or “Be heart-centred”, to remind yourself and stick them in places you’ll see them – particularly first thing in the morning.

I have hearts hanging from all the door handles in my house. They not only give me a lovely feeling but remind me to get out of my head and into my heart. They remind me to be love.

Love to you all.

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