Now more ever before it is important to start being authentic –to be true to yourself. And only you know what that means. Only you know your truth. But it is the way forward, unless you want to stay stuck…

So let’s imagine… you are all alone on an island. There is no one you have to please,  no one to see what you look like, no one to compete with and no one to judge you. You can eat what you like. You can be how you want to be. Here there really is nothing to do except be you.

So…how would you be? Wouldn’t that be freeing? Wouldn’t it be relaxing?

How would you feel when there is no one around to see you and you could express yourself in any way you want? This is being
authentic. It’s how you would be if there was no one to pretend to except yourself – because what’s the point in that? We only ever pretend to be something other than we’re not to please other people or to get something we want, and if there was no one around to influence in that way, well there would be no point.

This is how you could live now if you would only let yourself. If you gave yourself permission. It would loose the chains. It would set you free. It IS the only way… When you loose the chains, the walls crumble, there is no longer any resistance… And when that happens, so do miracles, because you have opened the portal to unlimited possibilities.

All Love


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