Do you know who you really are?  

I honestly never thought about that question until my husband died. Up to that point I had just being getting on with the life that I shared with him. But then suddenly he was no longer there and it was just me. I had never experienced the death of a loved-one before. And the realisation that I could never see or speak to my husband ever again was mind-numbing. I had experienced divorce many years earlier, but that was not final in the sense that my ex-husband still walked this earth and I could pick up the phone to speak to him if I needed to. This was different. I felt completely alone. Isolated. Scared. 

And not only did I have no idea at all what I was going to do, I realised I had absolutely no idea who I really was! I had been so busy living my husband’s life – being a wife and step-mother as well as a mountain guide – that I had completely lost my identity and any sense of my self. That person I used to be had become buried beneath the layers of the person I had become. 

This, I’m sure will have happened to you too. It happens to us all. As you grow from child to adult, you change, almost like a chameleon, to fit in with those around you – so they will like you and love you. You become who you think they want you to be, and you forget who you really are. So when I suddenly found myself alone, I realised I needed to find that person again. My life was a blank canvas for me to paint my future on it, but I knew that in order to create a future that was full of my dreams and heart-felt desires, I had to find ‘me’ first.

It was that journey of self-discovery that amazingly took me to the summit of Mount Everest and as I stood there looking at the world laid out before me, in awe at its unbelievable beauty, I knew in that moment that at last I had found myself. 

I had taken a risk, dared to dream and changed my life. I called on the strength, courage and will-power that we all have inside ourselves and I was astonished at my own resources. You have those same resources too; they are there for all of us. 

Everything you could ever want, everything you could ever dream of doing, is waiting for you to believe that you can have it or do it. You just have to dare to dream. And become YOU!

Becoming YOU is the most important thing you can do. Until you do that, your hopes and dreams will remain elusive. Only YOU can claim them and make them real. So are you ready to BE YOU?!

If the answer is YES, then come and join the awesome bunch of women who are in the Women Have Vision “Dare To Dream” facebook community

This community has grown, on request, out of my Facebook Challenge of last week.  It’s a private group for those who not only dare to dream but are determined to live those dreams. It’s so much easier to go on that journey when you are supported by others who are on the same path as you…on their way to the summit of their own Everest! So everyone is each others cheerleader in this group!

My role is to support you on that journey. To hold your hand when the going gets tough and kick your ass when you think about turning around giving up! The view from the top is too good…I won’t let you do it!

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Remember, your future is a blank canvas for you to paint the picture of the life you REALLY WANT on it…A future that starts right here, in this moment now ❤️

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Love Sue    

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