The following words have been written by a client of mine. They are for all of you who think it’s too late. That life has passed you by. That your dreams will always be dreams. That’s what Andrea used to think too. But no longer! So…over to Andrea…

“I suddenly realized I’d been stood stock still for nearly two hours.  The digital figures of the central heating timing clock in the kitchen told me that.  I was stuck, not knowing what to do next, like being on some desperately difficult rock climb.  Only, I’d been stuck for three years.  Or rather, I’d been stuck for 30 years, forever perplexed by an apparently impossible series of crux moves on some distant soaring crag.

The word “stuck” is probably wrong actually.  It implies being stationary…and I hadn’t been. I’d been going down, sliding down the inside of a black funnel.  Stood in the kitchen that day I realised I had reached the funnel neck – you know, that bit where it gets narrow and heads straight down.  I wondered, quite dispassionately and with increasing curiosity, what it would be like when I shot down the tube and the light went out….

As I have since realized whilst lost in the kitchen, the last residual vestige of my inner voice spoke.  A connection with some apparently unrelated occurrence the previous day, someone from thirty years ago had made an electronic communication.  I can’t remember who, probably a friend, once told me that an alcoholic needs to reach the bottom in order to move forward.  I was no alcoholic but I’d hit the bottom.  I was dizzy as if I was drunk, but it was accompanied by tears.  I needed to ask someone for help.  Neurons connected with electronics.

Texts, emails, and finally tearful ‘phone calls opened my ears to myself, to my inner voice.  Two ostensibly simple questions opened the floodgates…who was I born to be ?…..what is the life I was born to lead ?  Finding the answers within, (now I was listening!), revealed what I had always known but was afraid to admit for thirty years, to either myself or those around me.  Massive anger ensued on an unimaginable scale, occupying every conscious moment.  How could I have just wasted all that time?  What was the point in changing things at nearly fifty years of age, it was too late anyway?  Anger, massive anger, directed at everyone and everything, but principally me.

534952_546673585385608_229399795_nI wake up in the mornings now, three months later, and look forward to every day, glad to be alive….literally.  I am being me and gradually, step by step, beginning to live again the life I was born to lead.  It’s not been easy, far from it.  Deeply upsetting at times, the overwhelming anger was at one time consuming me.  I still have the odd bad moment even now, but it is only a moment and they are increasingly few in number.  Oh yes, and I’m increasingly happy again after thirty years of, at most, periods of contentment.

So how did I manage to change?  How did I manage to get to the great place I am now in?  If I were to sum it up in in one word, it would be “belief”.  Belief that it’s OK to be me and not what others wanted me to be or what I thought others wanted me to be.  Belief that who I was born to be and the life I was born to lead were as valuable as any other life and just as good.  Belief that everything would be OK.  Belief that I could and should be happy, not for anyone else, but for me.

And where did I find my belief?  It was within me, always was.  I just needed help (don’t we all?) to crank up the volume on my inner voice to enable me to hear it again.  My coach, my guide, (rather like a mountain guide), she has seen me over and through the crux moves on the rock climb.  I hear my own inner guide now as I head for the top – I will get there.  Belief is everything.  And happiness.  The journey is worth it – do it…..do it now…..”

Thank you Andrea, for writing this. It really is NEVER too late to change things in your life. You may think it is, because what you want to do or be seems like an impossible hurdle to overcome.  But believe me you are much more than you know! You CAN turn your life around. You CAN make it how you want it. And crucially, like Andrea discovered, you are NOT ALONE!

If you would like the support of other women, then come and join the awesome bunch of women who are in the private Women Have Vision “Dare To Dream” facebook community https://www.facebook.com/groups/womenhavevisiondaretodream .  It’s so much easier to go on that journey when you are supported by others who are on the same path as you…on their way to the summit of their own Everest! Everyone is each others cheerleader in this group!

My role is to support you on that journey. To hold your hand when the going gets tough and kick your ass when you think about turning around giving up! The view from the top is too good…I won’t let you do it! And if you would like my personal support on your journey, you can book a free coaching call to see if our alchemy fits.

Love Sue    ❤️