“Our intuition is like a muscle, we must practice listening to it and trusting it’s wisdom.”

Lisa Prosen

About Susan Harper

I’ve been single, married, divorced and widowed. I have lived in several different countries. I’m a trained teacher, a translator, I’ve worked as a Mountain Guide and I am now an Intuitive Guide and Coach.

I’ve sailed the Atlantic Ocean and I have climbed Mount Everest. I know! It sounds crazy but it’s true. I’ve plumbed the depths and scaled the heights in every sense of those words. Who would have thought it? I promise you, certainly not me.


Crossing the North Atlantic

Summit of Everest

At 7a.m. on 16th May 2004 I was privileged to stand on the highest point of earth, the summit of Mount Everest and my life changed for ever. Only four British women had ever stood there before me and I was the first ever to be leader of an Everest Expedition. Seeing the world from this view point was a very powerful, emotional and spiritual experience; a life changing experience. At 29,029 feet the summit of Everest is at the cruising height of jumbo jets, and I truly did feel nearer to the sun, the moon and the stars than to the earth. I felt I could almost touch the sky, which was a beautiful deep cobalt blue. And as the earth curved away, far away into infinity, I became aware of the vastness of the universe; of its limitless potential; of our potential. For if I could do this, then I knew that anyone can do anything.

Who would have thought it? Certainly not me!

And afterwards I realised that it had been listening to and trusting my intuition that had got me there. I saw how following my intuition had got me out of the dark tunnel I was in after my husband died, and that tuning 

in to this guidance had led me not only to the summit of Mount Everest but to many other magical experiences too, like sailing the Atlantic Ocean in a small boat and meeting my second husband.

I realised I found it easy to tune in to my intuition and to use it to guide me through life. I discovered I could also read energy, which is why, after climbing Mount Everest, I trained as an Intuitive Coach, so I could do Intuitive Readings and offer Intuitive Consultations for others, for you.

Listening to your intuition is the key to discovering who you really are. It’s the key to creating the life of your dreams – the life you were born to lead. But it’s not always easy for us to hear our own guidance, we often have too much going on in our heads or are too emotionally involved in an outcome! That is why I have other people do Readings for me and why I love to Read for others.

I’d love to do a Reading for you, to offer Guidance, so you can open up to the magic of your intuition, and start using it to create some amazing things in your life.

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Life is a journey, and my journey so far has taken many twists and turns, with many highs (some literal!) and some very low lows. But when I left school I had no idea that I would do the things I have done and eventually become an Intuitive Coach and Teacher.

Interestingly when I left school I actually did train as a teacher. I loved teaching, but I also loved mountains and sailing and the outdoors in general. I wanted to escape the classroom, and my love of mountains led me to become a Mountain Guide. This in turn took me to the summit of Mount Everest, and it was that incredible experience that led me to the realisation that we are much much more than we think we are. That we truly do have a sixth sense and that our intuition is our unique personal guidance system.

After that revelatory experience I then avidly studied and trained with different mentors over many years, wanting to learn as much as I could about intuition, energy, consciousness and our multi-dimensionality. It was just by chance that I discovered that one of my unique gifts is to be able to do readings for people.

I had decided to become a life coach, as I wanted to help other people achieve their dreams just as I had achieved mine, and one day a friend said someone she knew was running a course which she thought I would like, so I booked on it. When I arrived, much to my surprise I discovered it was an Angel Reading course! So I just went with it…what else could I do?! I realised I was meant to be there. We spent 4 days learning to do readings and it turned out that I have a particular gift in this area and absolutely loved it – and of course that was absolutely meant to be!

Sometimes things are put in our path… I thought I was doing a life coaching course but I ended up learning to do what I was obviously meant to be doing all along! If my friend hadn’t suggested that course, I would never have realised I could do intuitive readings.

I then went on to train as a Sixth Sensory Coach with renowned intuitive Sonia Choquette https://soniachoquette.net. So my journey has been (school) teacher, (mountain) guide and becoming an intuitive …which I have now put all together to become an Intuitive Teacher and Guide. So I truly believe my intuition has led me to the place I am meant to be… for now. I am sure there is more to come. I am always up for adventure!

Even now I find it hard to believe that I’ve done some of the things I have, particularly sailing the Atlantic and climbing Everest. I’m just an ordinary person. I have always climbed mountains, but I wasn’t one of the very top climbers, I was just average. And the fact that someone like me – who is just like you – not only created the opportunity to climb the highest mountain on the planet, but actually stood on the summit, made me realise that if you are really passionate about doing something, the only thing stopping you is yourself. If you follow your heart and learn to listen to and trust your intuition I truly believe you will be shown the way.