I’m sitting have a coffee at one of my favourite cafés, which is beside a beautiful river and is the perfect location for a pre or post-coffee walk. That is one of the reasons it is a favourite, but the other reason I love to come here is because this is how my coffee is presented

The girls who work here make it such a wonderful place to visit. They quite literally put their heart into their work, and they are always smiling and welcoming, even on the busiest days when they are inundated with customers. But there again the popularity of the café is a reflection of the girls who make the wonderful coffee. A lesson in how to gain more clients for your business…

Whilst sitting in this haven of peace and tranquillity, sipping coffee and feeling wonderful, I have been mulling over the question: “Is coffee good for us or not?”

My wonderful friend, Treewoman (she has a Treeplanning Consultancy), recently wrote a blog about coffee, and being a coffee lover was looking for loving things to say about coffee – which so often gets a bad press.

Well the good news is, that if you’re a woman, you have science on your side. Research done at Bristol University has shown that drinking coffee boosts women’s brain power and performance (which is no doubt why we’re so good a multi-tasking), whilst it has the opposite effect on men, slowing down their decision making and impairing their memory… Not good news in high-powered Cabinet Meetings I would imagine – unless there is a female majority around the table…

Personally I know that anything that makes us feel good can’t be a bad thing. In fact it’s a positively good thing. When we feel good we are no longer stuck in that controlling part of ourselves which we call our mind, which takes us round and round in circles going over the same old worries and problems. Feeling good is the Gateway to Magic Happening.

Walk through that gateway and you have access to creativity, inspiration and the answers to all your problems. Because when you feel good you are connected to the greater part of yourself, through your sixth sense and your intuition – and this is the place where magic happens.

So often I am sitting at my desk working when I feel the pull to be outside, to go for a walk….even better to have a cup of coffee full of hearts and then go for a walk. What used to happen next was that my mind and my intuition would have a tug of war. My mind would say: “No, you don’t have no time to go out, you have to finish this article that you’re working on…and what about all those emails you have to answer…and the video you want to make…”. And while this internal dialogue was going on, my intuition would just softly keep tugging at my feelings…that feeling of longing to be outside, to smell the air, hear the sound of the river, connect with the earth.

Nowadays, there is no internal argument because I learnt long ago to listen to my intuition. And what happens now when I go for a cup of coffee and a walk is that, because I feel so good when I’m there, I am totally tuned in to the magical part of me. The part of me that knows that anything is possible. The part of me that is pure inspiration. And that’s what I get. Ideas, inspiration, solutions to problems just pour into my head, as I’m drinking coffee or walking beside the river and through the trees, just being with myself. In fact I get so many new ideas when I’m outside, that I use my phone to send myself emails or I dictate ideas into it, to transcribe when I get home, so I don’t forget them.

In essence, this is really nothing to do with the coffee in itself, the cup of coffee is just part of the whole experience which gives me a wonderful feeling of well-being, which in turn creates the magic and the inspiration…

What this is really about is doing what makes you feel good…and so creating magic!

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Love Sue