This audio track came into creation through the suggestion of one of my students.

It is called “A Journey Within To Meet Your Inner Guide” and it comes free when you sign up for Women Have Vision’s Newsletter and Free Intuitive Tips, together with my leaflet “10 things I wish I’d always known.” You can get them both right here now.

In order to feel really in touch with your inner guidance– which is your intuition and the person Who You Really Are – it is often easier to envisage your Inner Guide as a person and to give her, or him, a name. When you do this, it is much easier to have a conversation with your Inner Guide and ask for help and advice, because you feel you are actually talking to somebody.

Of course you are talking to someone, because your Inner Guide is You! She is the greater part of you, the infinite, wise and all-knowing part of you. She is that person who you really are, and it is to that place of love, truth and infinite possibility that your intuition is constantly trying to guide you, if only you will listen.

This audio track takes you on a journey to meet your Inner Guide.

It is dedicated to Ruby, whose inspiration called it forth, and to all of you whose intuition has brought you here, to this place, right now, so you can meet your Inner Guide.

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With Much Love

Sue ♥


[In the audio track I have referred to your Inner Guide  as ‘her’ as opposed to ‘him’, as I needed to use one gender or the other, but of course your Inner Guide can be either female or male.]