So what sort of feeling do you have about 2013? You would be forgiven for thinking: “How am I supposed to know?” But as intuitive beings, we most definitely can get a feeling for things that have not yet happened to us. You might not think of yourself as an intuitive person, but let me assure you that you are. We all are. You can read more about that here.

I’ve been wondering for some time now about 2013 and what I feel around it, so here is how I see it.

2013 certainly feels new and different in an interesting and dynamic kind of way that the preceding years, even 2012, haven’t. It definitely feels as though the old has dropped away, and I feel as though I’ve shed my skin and I’m stepping out of any residual conformity and into originality – the originality of Who I Really Am –  which goes hand-in-hand with transparency.

Transparency is not a word we are very familiar with, mainly because our society is built on the fact that we are anything but transparent. We have built up walls around ourselves, to keep ourselves ‘secure’ and not let people in. Most of us have no idea who our friends, our husbands, our lovers (or even ourselves) really are, because they haven’t wanted us to know – in case we don’t like who they really are. And it is that one single fact – fear of what other people think of us – that stops us being transparent. It stops us being who we really are. It keeps us stuck. It keeps us separate from everything we’ve ever wanted. It keeps us feeling unworthy. It keeps us disliking ourelves. For surely if we really were lovable then we wouldn’t be afraid of revealing ourselves to the world, would we?

Because this is what we have to do to be transparent. Being transparent is laying ourselves bare, and this seems an extremely scary thing to do. I learnt this when I was climbing Everest, because when you are pushed to the limits as I was then, there is no room for the ego, there is no room to be anything other than who you really are. You can’t pretend you’re stronger or better than you are, you can’t hide from yourself. To climb Everest I really did have to let the facade drop, let the guard down and it wasn’t easy to completely let it all go.

In fact that was probably the hardest part of climbing the mountain. But once I had done all that, once I had let go of all resistance and pretence of being anything other than who I really was, then climbing to the summit was almost easy in comparison. Equally I also know that, if I hadn’t let go and ‘given in’ to just being me, then I wouldn’t have got to the summit. I would have been one of those many people who found an excuse to give up and go home because keeping up the pretence was too difficult, but they couldn’t face ‘revealing’ themselves – which is what they would have had to do if they had stayed, in order to reach the top.

We make life difficult for ourselves, by resisting ourselves. But once you become transparent, authentic and unbound from all ties that are holding you back – then, there is nothing in the way any more of everything you desire coming to you. That is how I climbed Everest. Acceptance of who you are is the doorway you have been looking for. Therein lies the key to living the life you were born to lead – walk through the doorway and you will find everything you desire is on the other side.

2013 is the Year of Conscious Creation. It is the year that you consciously create YOU – the person you were born to be. What are you choosing to create? When we choose something, we are consciously creating. We are making a decision. And that is setting a powerful Intention. So what are YOU choosing for 2013…?

Yesterday I sat down and created a different sort of list of what I am choosing for 2013. I’m going to share this with you in my next blog. In the meantime if you have any questions for me about things you have going on in your life that you need help with, you can send me an email, just click here. And if you want to get more in touch with your intuition, you get a free meditation download “A Journey Within To Meet Your Inner Guide” when you sign up for my free Intuitive Tips.

So…what ARE you choosing for 2013? Let me know, I’d love to hear from you.

Much love