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How Does Your 2017 Look?

So another year… And another You…or the same ‘old you’? Or maybe the real you this time? Which is it to be? Everything is a choice.

Is this the year you start living the life you were born to lead?… Continue reading

I really did think I was living the life I was born to lead…honestly!


Scottish highlands

So…you think you know who you really are and that you’re living the life you were born to lead… Me too! Until about 3 months ago. And I’ve been laughing at myself ever since. Because this is what… Continue reading

The Multi-dimensional YOU

Pure Energy - that's YOU!

Pure Energy – that’s YOU!

From what people tell me, many of you are struggling with your perceived outer reality right now. You feel that nothing seems to fit. The life you have been livingup until now no longer feels… Continue reading

IS the Earth shifting beneath your feet?

ALL is perception

ALL is perception

So how are you feeling? Do you feel that something is different? That something has shifted? Something that you can’t quite put your finger on…something imperceptible?

Well something IS different… You have shifted. We ALL have…but not… Continue reading

Perception IS the only thing that Shifts

Perception IS the only thing that shifts.

Perception IS the only thing that shifts.

Everything is shifting right now – in every direction. It may feel like the very Earth is moving below your feet, and that you have nothing solid to cling to. Well that is… Continue reading

Is your world in chaos?

Chaos is a good thing

Chaos is a good thing

There are big energetic changes going on right now, so if the world around you seems in chaos, don’t worry, it’s all good!


Yes, chaos is a good thing because out of chaos comes… Continue reading

You Are NOT Your Emotions…It’s Time To Let Them Go


Its Time To Let Go

Absolute Love is like Absolute White is to colour. People often think that white is the absence of colour when in fact it is the inclusion of ALL colours. In the same way, Love is… Continue reading

Do You Feel Guilty About Enjoying Yourself?

DO what you love, what makes you feel good...

DO what you love, what makes you feel good…

Do you feel guilty about enjoying yourself and doing things you love? About putting yourself first? Do you spend a lot of your time doing things for others (who are actually… Continue reading

Being YOU

You already ARE everything you need to BE...

You already ARE everything you need to BE…

You don’t need to TRY to BE anything or something more than you already are… because you already ARE everything you need to be. All you need to be is YOU,… Continue reading

Getting From Where You Are Now To Where You Want To Be

SONY DSCI am making some changes in the way I work. I love you all very much and as a result I DO give freely of my time, to answer your questions and give guidance when it is requested. However this… Continue reading

Intuitive Guidance From Sue

SONY DSCI see my job as helping you to get from where you are now to where you want to be. And that does not mean you need to relocate! Well not physically… just look at it more in terms of… Continue reading

Facing Your Fears

Who are you really?

Who are you really?

When I found myself a widow at the age of thirty nine it was a real shock. My feeling of security had vanished overnight. Not only had I lost my husband, but that job I had… Continue reading

Music Is The Language Of The Universe


This video demonstrates how plants really are intelligent Beings…they just have a different way of BEing to us.


The one thing that connects everything in the Universe is music, or sound. Every thing and every one of us… Continue reading

Remote Viewing – Using Your Multi-Dimensional Skills

Our consciousness is everywhere...

Our consciousness is everywhere…

Several years ago now I began practising Remote Viewing. I can’t remember how I first came across it, but the moment I stumbled across a website which talked about Remote Viewing and how to do it,… Continue reading

Manifesting 101 – You Are A Master Manifester

You are a Master Manifester

You are a Master Manifester

What is Manifesting? Manifesting is creating your hearts desire…bringing something from your imagination into reality. Simply put, making a dream come true. Whether it be something small or something big. Yes, you can do this.… Continue reading

The Message Behind The Words

Your intuitive feelings tell you about the future.

Your intuitive feelings tell you about the future.

Words are the least effective communicator. They can be misinterpreted and misunderstood. You can say one thing and mean another. They are not truth. They can help you understand something, but that… Continue reading

The Energy of Feelings

We are all one energy

We are all one energy

We are moving into a new era. One in which we are remembering who we really are. That we are unlimited Beings. That we are magnetic Beings. And it’s time to start realising this and… Continue reading

Learning To Trust Your Vibes

Feeling worried and tense...

Feeling worried and tense…

I was sitting in a café this morning looking at all the people and imagining how different it would feel in there if there was no more fear, if people could just relax and know that… Continue reading

Do You Understand The Importance Of Love?

Love is Absolute

Love is Absolute

Do you understand the importance of Love? Love is the highest vibration of all. Love is Absolute. Love is pure gold. Love is Prime. Love is our very essence. No one can ever take it away from… Continue reading

Being You In A New Way

The feeling of freedom

The feeling of freedom

When I talk about Being You, I mean the person you really are, the one you were born to be. I don’t mean the person that you have become over all these years since you were… Continue reading

Instead of Wanting, Let’s Decide…!

Start BEing YOU!

Start BEing YOU!

It’s vital we understand the difference between wanting ‘it’ to happen and choosing for ‘it’ to happen. Choosing is making a decision, deciding that it is happening. Choosing for it to happen is a high energetic… Continue reading

You Are Being Called…Can You Hear?

You Are Being Called

You Are Being Called

You are being called, can’t you hear? Stop what you’re doing and listen. How many things are you doing or thinking about while you’re reading this? Is your mind on something else? Are you thinking that… Continue reading

Being Free

Being Free...

Being Free…

Now more ever before it is important to start being authentic –to be true to yourself. And only you know what that means. Only you know your truth. But it is the way forward, unless you want to… Continue reading

Have You Ever Had A Dream?

Have you ever had a dream? The shadow of Mount Everest cast on the sky by the rising sun.

Have you ever had a dream?
The shadow of Mount Everest cast on the sky by the rising sun.

Have you ever had a dream? A dream of doing something extraordinary? Of becoming something else, someone else, really achieving something,… Continue reading

Make Your 2013 Feel Good List

My 2013 Feel Good List

My 2013 Feel Good List

In the first few days of the New Year, I sat down and thought about the year ahead. My initial idea had been to write down what my intentions were for the year. What I… Continue reading

Tapping Into Divine Inspiration

Coffee made with Love

Coffee made with Love

I’m sitting have a coffee at one of my favourite cafés, which is beside a beautiful river and is the perfect location for a pre or post-coffee walk. That is one of the reasons it is… Continue reading

Relationships…Where Do We Go Wrong?

Relationships are our greatest teachers...

Relationships are our greatest teachers…

Relationships…They are such a huge part of our lives…and we spend a lot of time thinking about them, worrying about them, being happy about them, being sad, being angry, being lonely in them…


So… Continue reading

2013 – The Year of Conscious Creation

A New Dawn...

A New Dawn…


So what sort of feeling do you have about 2013? You would be forgiven for thinking: “How am I supposed to know?” But as intuitive beings, we most definitely can get a feeling for things that… Continue reading

A Journey Within To Meet Your Inner Guide



This audio track came into creation through the suggestion of one of my students.

It is called “A Journey Within To Meet Your Inner Guide” and it comes free when you sign up for Women Have Vision’s Newsletter and… Continue reading

The Time Is Now…

It's Time To Let Go...

It’s Time To Let Go…


                          “We are shedding our skins

                            Emerging… Continue reading

Intuitive Musings

I occasionally post intuitive stories – things that have happened to me that illustrate how our intuition works and how it guides us through our life. It is easy to miss the small messages that we are given, but the… Continue reading

Women Have Vision Question Time: Is your fear real or imagined?


How do you know when the fear you feel inside is simply the fear of doing something new or when it’s your intuition saying it’s the wrong thing for you?

Today’s video deals with a really big question, one… Continue reading

Get Your Daily Ray of Sunshine


Sunrise from the summit of Mount Everest

Sign up to get a Daily Ray of Sunshine to brighten your day throughout the month of December.

Here in the northern hemisphere the December days are short and… Continue reading

Saying Yes When You Mean No

Saying yes when you mean no creates waves…

Have you noticed that if you say yes when you mean no, things start to unravel? That if you agree to do something you don’t really want to do, you don’t feel… Continue reading


Dear Diary

A beautiful double rainbow

I woke up today to the most beautiful morning – clear blue skies and very cold  and frosty (0˚celsius). The perfect day to go for a walk to one of my favourite places.… Continue reading

What happens when you listen to your intuition…

When you listen to your intuition, magic happens…

When you are tuned in to your intuition, your inner guide, wonderful things do just tend ‘to happen’. In fact these things are happening for us all the time, but because we… Continue reading

I can see clearly now…

Dear Diary

The view from my window

I have the most wonderful view out of my bathroom window – over fields, beautiful woodland, sheep grazing on the moors…it’s heavenly. But when I first moved into this house I had no… Continue reading

Being heart-centred…

mountain beauty that feeds my soul….

I spend part of my time in the French and Swiss Alps, in the beautiful mountains that feed my soul, and everywhere I go in these mountains I see hearts.

Hearts carved into… Continue reading

Feeling Good Is The Key

Following my heart….

At the moment I am high up in the French alps, looking out of the window at snowflakes falling slowly down. This is quite surprising considering it is only October, however it only adds to the quiet… Continue reading

Moments of Bliss

Have you ever tried to meditate, but find it just doesn’t work for you? Don’t worry you are not alone!

Conventional wisdom teaches that to meditate we need to empty our mind of thoughts. Ah! Simple! But as I’m sure… Continue reading

There are no mistakes in life…

There are no mistakes. Our life is like a huge jigsaw puzzle.

Every experience we have, whether we see it as good or bad, is part of that puzzle and it often is not until many years later that we… Continue reading

The Importance of The Journey

When going after a goal it’s important to never lose sight of the integrity of the journey. The journey to any result, whether it is the summit of Everest, a promotion in your job, running the marathon – is just… Continue reading

Feel Your Way To An Intuitive Life

As I sit here at my desk I am looking out at rain rain rain! Yep autumn is definitely here. But that is no bad thing as I LOVE autumn. More than anything I love the beautiful colours, frosty mornings… Continue reading

Do You Listen To Your Intuition? Do you even know what it sounds like?

Do you know what your intuition is? What it sounds like? What it feels like…?

Women are very in touch with their feelings, much more so than men in general. This means that we are more likely to… Continue reading

Live The Life You Were Born To Lead

BluebellsOne of my favourite quotes is “The danger is not in aiming too high but in aiming too low and achieving it”. We can create whatever we want in life – you might find that hard to believe, but having… Continue reading

A Beautiful Song

A Beautiful Message

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A Beautiful Message



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