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“Another morning and I’m facing myself in the mirror, afraid to turn on the light, loathing for what I might see….

Pure coincidence leads to contact with an angel from whom I’ve not heard for 30 years. Veteran  of Everest and the Atlantic, Susan turned on the light, illuminating what lay hidden for a lifetime within me….

I am insufficiently eloquent to express my gratitude to Susan – for everything past and yet to come, “Thank You” will have to do. I no longer fear the mirror in the morning….”



“Hi Sue, just had to share this with you! I’m having a magical day and feel very tuned into my intuition! Thanks to your fabulous Living an Intuitive Life course, I can recognise it and hopefully keep the magic going!  Keep spreading the knowledge Sue, you have a very unique gift.

Ruby xxx”


“I’ve just got my first appointment today and it was the first number I rang! You have motivated me a lot. Thank you Susan, you’re amazing.

Rafia x “


“Thank you Sue, your teachings are strengthening me…I am so thankful you came into my life… 

Over the years I have made many self help journeys, often believing if I had a man everything would be wonderful! Only in the last six weeks or so I have realised that loving myself may be the golden key to self fulfilment.

Lets go! I am confident in journeying with you to find this place.”



“Sue Harper Todd is an outstanding human being.  A woman committed to the belief that we are all contributors to the collective consciousness that is moving us all.  Her achievements reflect what is in all of us when ignited by passion: personal  

power.  It is a real testimonial to coaching and the power of supportive partnership. She is highly qualified to speak and inspire us all on what it means to contribute to life, with your life. LCM is graced to receive the contribution of her energy in many ways”.  

Anya Sophia Mann, 

Editor Life Coaching Magazine


“Hi Sue, I’m really enjoying your Daily Ray of Sunshine! And today, I’m feeling like I need an extra lift so I’ve come on to your FB page … I’m feeling better already. It’s so lovely with all the beautiful and colourful photos from nature and all the inspirational messages! Thank you!”



Excellent article Sue, I can tell you there have been many times. When I have used ‘logic’ to shut down my intuition, or trusted what someone else thought instead of what I felt in my gut, each time I suffered .. now I am listening regardless of whether it ‘makes sense’ and because of that I believe my feet are finally walking my true path :)”

Sandra xxx


“Hi Sue! Just wanted to say that I saw your website and I really like the things you’re doing! Thank you for inspiration & great energy! :)”



“Hi Sue, 

I have just found your website and want to let you know that I absolutely LOVE your message. Over the past 2 years, I’ve been on an adventure & have completely changed my life. Your message is powerful & I feel like I’m completely on the same page as you in so many ways. Thank you for putting your light out into the world. 

With love & respect,”



“Moments of Bliss is the most enjoyable and effortless meditation I’ve ever experienced …” R


“I have listened to Moments of Bliss…thank you so much, it is so peaceful. Your soft voice transports me to a space of gentleness and serenity within and I found I was reconnecting with a Higher energy which I had forgotten through the turmoil of some crazy years……all very good and most excellent.”  Lea 




Everest Trek


“My deepest gratitude…every step and every breath was deep walking meditation. Such majestic and humbling journey, inner and outer.”



“Arrived home thursday back to reality, could just turn round and go straight back. We both had a really wonderful time. The trip exceeded our expectations and we cannot thank you enough for making this possible, you have been an inspiration to us both.” Ally and Mandy   


“Well I find it difficult to believe that here I am in my office, suffering from a serious case of post Himalaya blues, & the trip to Nepal has been & gone. But what amazing memories we have & what a fantastic experience the whole journey was. Sincere thanks from Josh & myself for your leadership over the trip & allowing us to gather all sorts of information from your experiences in the Nepal.” Nigel and Josh   


“Thank you so much Sue. It was a truly amazing experience and I’m so glad I met you and went on this incredible journey with you.”  Love Jackie xx   


Hi Sue, I wanted to thank you for organising this amazing trek to the Everest Base Camp. It was a fantastic trip and I really enjoyed it. It meant a lot to me to do this in association with fundraising for Women for Women. It was very special.”  Hugs and Namaste, Jeri   


” It was a fabulous overall experience. The sounds and sights of            Kathmandu, the physical exertion of trekking to 18500 ft, the companionship of fellow travellers, the majesty of the scenery were all  truly  unforgettable . Indeed it was a privilege to have had the experience.” Alan and Jo



Public Speaking


“I just wanted to thank you for your inspirational lecture on Everest I felt compelled to write to you because the talk was not only fascinating, but also inspirational on a personal level.

I have been motivated to make many changes in my life and plan to join your expedition to Everest Base Camp next spring. I would never have envisioned doing anything like this before your talk, but now I am looking forward to experiencing a little of the amazing feat that you achieved for myself.”

Amanda Gwynne



Just a short note to say how much we enjoyed last week’s talk. You certainly had a very positive effect on my 8-year old daughter who, despite being reluctant to go initially, was noticably inspired.”

Mike Ainsworth

Royal Air Force


“Sue Harper-Todd is the true embodiment of a risk taker, her speech was powerful and encouraging.  Her energy, vision, passion and self motivation would rest just as easily in the boardroom of a succesful company as on the summit of Mount Everest. 

I was extremely impressed with her very thought-provoking and challenging presentation and it was certainly a lesson in how personal strength and determination can triumph over adversity.  Her speech was both inspiring and uplifting and Sue connected with the audience at an emotional level and made a lasting impression on all of us. 

If you are someone who wishes to attain a personal or business goal, then sharing Sue’s experience and wisdom is a compelling place to start.” 

Ms Fiona Coats

Property Developer Scotland and Switzerland.


“It was a great evening thanks to your awe inspiring presentation.”

Simon Bath

General Manager

Skibo Castle, Dornoch, Sutherland


“You really did inspire them, the ones I spoke to were talking of ‘reaching for the stars’ ‘what’s my everest?’ ‘aiming high’ ‘I can do it’ it was great to hear them.  

Thanks ever so much and I hope our paths cross again.”

 Emma Roberts

Associate Principal Lecturer, Leeds Trinity University College








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